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My "Bible Sound Bites" Program

The following is a program I wrote which pulls a random verse from a random chapter from a random book of a random translation of the bible. There are some neat things in there that you probably would not have noticed in a passing read. You get a lot of just plain obscure stuff as well...

If you see this text your browser is unable to load my ActiveX program. I'm not sure why, but I apologize for the technical difficulties.

You need to have ActiveX controls enabled on your browser's security settings in order to view the control. You also need to have a live internet connection to run this program. Bible Sound Bites pulls its scriptures from a web site called Bible Gateway which can be found at

It is not a perfect program. There are some bugs. If it does happen to crash on you just hit F5 to continue, or, in a frames page, right click on the Bible Sound Bites window and click Refresh from the pop-up menu.

Kevin Ranville