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Behind the Veil of Dreams

She lies, hazy yet bright,
behind the veil of dreams,
almost two dimensional in my mind.
Her eyes lending colour
to the pale shadows
that dance across her face,
like candles behind frosted glass.
They fill me with her heat
from behind the veil of dreams
and my heart is alive in my chest
with love for her
when she rises and comes to me,
tearing through the paper screen
On which the dream Denise is projected.
She kisses me, adding a third dimension,
soft, sweet and blinding,
showing me all the secret joys
that exist behind the veil of dreams.
When I open my eyes
she is there.
She speaks from deep inside her,
"I love you,"
drowning me in the bleeding emotion
that oozes thickly from the words.
I stretch my shallow voice to reply
but my words only collapse
under the secret joys
behind the veil of dreams

Kevin Ranville

Author's note