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The Best Poems
Author's Note

Actually, after I finished this poem, I thought it was saying pretty much the same thing as the "On Remembrance Day" letter I'd written to my grandparents last year. The differences are that this is more of a poem, while the other one was more of a prose. This poem is also directed toward heroes in general, veterans, mothers, and Deities(God), whereas last year's poem was more specifically directed toward veterans.

I got the idea for this poem out of the blue. I was in a meeting with my boss, discussing a project I was working on, when he was called away to take a phone call. While I waited for him to return the idea for this poem came to me and I scribbled it down in my notebook. Finally after about a week I remembered this little piece of writing I'd done and worked the original idea out into a poem.

Kevin Ranville