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Employment Equity vs. Racism
A "Letter to the Editor", published in The Winnpeg Sun, July 29, 2001

I'm of the opinion that judging a person based on anything other than merit of character is racist. Whether the judgement is for or against them. If you give a person a job based on their race it is racist. If you deny someone a job based on their race it is racist. The only thing that a person should be judged on is the decisions they make about how they live their lives no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

Of course the employment equity programs were started to protect job applicants from the employers who haven't gotten this concept through their heads yet. It also serves to appease the "watch dog" groups. Either way I still think it's wrong to hire or deny anyone a job based on something they can't help in the first place, or which is irrelevant to their ability to do the job in question. Race, sex, physical disabilities, etc.

Kevin Ranville

Author's note