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Little Stars
Author's Note

I wrote this poem after listening to a song by the band Extreme called "Rock a Bye Bye" from their first, self-titled album. It is a beautiful song concluded by one of the most amazingly inspirational guitar solos I've ever heard. You have to hear it for yourself. You'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven, literally.

I had puzzled over the meaning behind that song for many years, confused as to what the band was talking about. I never "got it" until I heard about a young woman I knew who had had an abortion. I finally put two and two together and I listened to the song once again with this new theory in mind. The idea fit perfectly. I actually cried listening to it and thinking about the baby who had been destroyed without even taking its first breath.

They play "Last Post" at Remembrance Day ceremonies. I play Extreme's "Rock a Bye Bye" in remembrance of babies lost in abortions. It sounds melodramatic, I know, but you have to hear the song. Anyway, as I was listening to this song again recently the imagery behind this poem came to me.

Kevin Ranville